February 'Coffee Date' Mentor Sessions!

how to find your purpose

Love...your dream business (& life!) really shouldn't live in your day dreams! It's true! If you're feeling stuck or struggling with some aspects of your business, your calling, or mindset stuff that's majorly holding you back, let's work through them this month!

Any of these sound familiar?

  • I'm lacking major clarity around my calling & life purpose...
  • I know my calling...but I'm just not sure how it can actually work in my business & career!
  • I'm really struggling with marketing in a way that feels real, authentic and in a way that actually gets results!
  • I know I could be doing so much more in my business (and life too!) but I just can't seem to get my brain & thoughts to catch up somedays! Doubt, fear, indecision....they're too close for comfort around here...

If any of these sound familiar...it may be time to make a "date" to work on those love! 

Check the dates, choose your rate & you'll get the link to schedule once you go through the checkout process!

Date 1: Thursday Feb 11th from 11am EST-4pm EST

Date 2: Tuesday, Feb 16th from 10am EST-3pmEST

Date 3: Tuesday, Feb 23rd from 10am EST-4pmEST

You Choose Your Price:

(Yes really! No strings attached, pinky promise!) 


$25 is the minimum for this month's mentor sessions, but you can always add another price by clicking the link below. 


This is the middle suggested price for your 45 minute mentor session! Normally priced around $99-125 per hour.


Another price option for your mentor session, normally 45-60 minute "coffee dates" go between $99-125. 

Want to choose a different price you don't see here?  Click here and you can add in any number over $25!


  • What do we get in when we purchase? 45 minutes on the phone (or skype/google hangout) with me to discuss business, purpose and/or calling!
  • Can I schedule a different date?  Nope sorry, I rarely make time for lots of mentor sessions aka "coffee dates" each month, and so far these are the only available days I can swing it this month!
  • If I pay more than other people, do I get extra included? No. Sometimes I do include bonuses & extra's at different price points or amounts contributed, but not this time. This isn't about prices being fair or anything like that, it's not about a good deal or discounting, it's about YOU choosing with full intentionality, the price & value that works best for you and your business right now, based on what getting help in your biz/calling/mindset will DO for your business & life in the future. The value it'll create as a ripple effect, not just getting a good deal or extra stuff.
  • Is there a cap on how much I can pay?  Nope, the minimum is $25, to make it a win-win for each of us pretty much, but there's no cap on the top!
  • Can I schedule more than one? Sure. I'm not limiting the number per person, just the number by my calendar/schedule. So feel free if you'd like to! If you have any special concerns or issues/topics, feel free to email me first if you'd like!