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ashlee thurlow geheb

The Win-Win-Win Philosophy

  Today I’m sharing a quick video on one of my favorite topics! The Win-win-WIN (3rd one is extra special!) that I’ve been using to guide business decisions since we first launched the Jumpstart Bundle over a year + a half ago! (Wow….makes me feel old! ha!)   Click play my loves! Trouble seeing the […]

The 5 Day Purpose Challenge2

The Biggest Myth of Passion

    Now for today’s completely unplanned post…ha! (Being real, today I was supposed to send out a video, but that’s gonna wait for now. This is more important!)   Caution…there is MEGA sass in this post. Read at own risk! 😉   Passion: a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything   SO […]

how to be multi-passionate

My Story – Part II

Click here to see Part 1 if you missed it!   Since I am SO long-winded…you shoulda known we’d be in for a Part ii! 😉 ha!   In this video I go over my when-I-grow-up obsession with “animal doctors”.  My pretty bad breakdown at 16, which turned into my quarter life crisis & years, upon […]